Life at Bamboo

Our Mission is to build the best long-term oriented growth marketing agency in the world. The best way to do that is by hiring, teaching, and supporting our team as they become the best growth marketers.

Our team (who we affectionately call Pandas) have now scaled 100+ of the best brands in mobile apps and digital commerce. We've also helped 100+ Pandas build the skills, confidence, and credentials they need to run top-tier growth marketing programs.

Our Panda Values

The Work
We are passionate about the clients we work for, the companies we help build, and the people we are helping to grow.
We believe the best relationships are built by being candid with one another. We share things openly and expect the same from others in return.
Roll With It
We are adaptable and pragmatic.  We also have fun and enjoy the ride.
Own It
We foster individual autonomy and freedom within our team and trust one another to take ownership over our own work.
No Ego
No explanation needed on this one. :)
Our work is so much more fun and fulfilling when we get to tackle it with people that we're building genuine, long-term relationships with.

The Perks of being a Panda

Be Coached, not Managed.
Bamboo is a matrixed organization where we believe that Projects should be managed and people should be coached. Pandas are entrusted to own their mix autonomously without a direct Manager. Instead, everyone has a coach who helps support on goal setting, skill progression, and finding the best work mix for you.
Focus on the Long Term.
We know that growth marketing is a high pressure career path and that many agencies and in-house teams optimize for what is short-term best vs. long-term best. Our biggest differentiator to clients and to our team is that we're long-term focused. We don't want to be on the daily CPA treadmill or burn out our team to have a super profitable month. We are here to build the best long-term oriented firm on all fronts.
Skills, skills, skills.
Our team invests heavily into panda skill development in as many ways as we can think of. No matter the level you're joining us at or what your functional expertise is today, Bamboo is a place that prioritizes teaching and learning and you will have a lot to gain from that.
Connection is one of our core values and we care about building real relationships with one another, our clients, and our partners that we hope will outlast our time working here. We enjoy the work, but we enjoy one another and the unique perspectives we each bring even more.
Bamboo pays base salaries in the top 25th percentile at every level and geography. On top of base salary, pandas enjoy cash bonuses, 100% paid health, dental, and vision coverage, 3% company-provided 401(k) contributions, stock compensation, stipends for education and team connection, discretionary time off, and 100% remote work options.

We believe a big part of being the best long-term oriented growth marketing agency is making sure our compensation packages enable the best marketers to stay happily working here for the long-term as well.
I started at Bamboo as a young college student with a drive to build tech businesses. I learned quickly that for someone who brings a willingness to learn and work hard, Bamboo offers endless opportunity for both personal and professional growth. My teams have built robust growth programs that include Search, Social, Creative, and Analytics with annual ad budgets over $10M. More importantly, I've built 3+ year relationships with my clients and teammates that will last a lifetime.
Tony Meyer, Senior Growth Marketing Manager
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