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Feb 22

7 Most Valuable Questions to Ask A Potential Growth Agency

Let’s start with the obvious here. What is a growth agency, and more specifically, how is it different from a traditional agency, social agency, digital agency, or any other type…

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Feb 28

2 Ways to Repurpose Influencer Campaigns to Drive Conversions with Paid Social

The confluence of the social media marketing landscape over the past few years has led directly to the rise of influencer marketing with 84% of companies planning to test it…

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Oct 13

Emojis: An Advertiser’s Friend or Foe?

92% of the world’s online population uses emojis. ​ So unless you’re part of the 8% who doesn’t, it should be no surprise to you that emojis are changing the…

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Jul 14

How to get 37% better CPIs with Story App Install Ads, Instagram’s Newest Ad Unit

By now, the playbook is clear. Facebook builds a strong product, attracts hundreds of millions of users, and then turns on ads in said product. The ads move from awareness…

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Apr 24

3 Ways to Design Effective Mobile Video Ads, Even Without Sound

According to eMarketer, digital video advertising is set to grow at annual double-digit rates through 2020. As video creative becomes the norm rather than the exception, advertisers must learn to…

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Feb 23

10 Instagram Ads That Impressed Us Recently

At Bamboo, we might get a little too excited about seeing ads in our own social feeds. They give us a chance to understand what tactics other companies are employing…

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Nov 03

The Results are in: Instagram Ads are a Winner

For those of us in mobile marketing, it’s been clear for years that Instagram would be a tremendous opportunity for advertisers one day. Those days are finally here. At Bamboo, we’ve…

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Aug 26

Is Instagram The Next Great Ad Network?

Facebook is up in every possible way. Shares up 170%. Earnings per share up 121%. Revenue up 61%. This has primarily been fueled by an explosive growth in mobile advertising.…

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