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The Growth Marketers community that Bamboo has created has filled a gap for my freelance marketing career. It has been a great resource for discussion & education and provides the opportunity to give or receive help. I am so glad to have found a positive, like minded community to connect with and add to my network. To some degree, it remedies the loneliness that freelancers/solopreneurs can experience from time to time.

Melissa Bigknife
Freelance Social Media Specialist

I've loved being a part of the Growth Marketers Slack group! It is an amazing braintrust of all things media, growth and martech. There has not been a single question I've posed where I haven't seen thoughtful responses and great ideas...the hive marketing mind at its finest! Plus, I've reconnected with some great folks from past lives that I haven't caught up with in a while. Whether you are FTE or freelancer, I can't recommend joining the group enough!

John Rospenda
Growth Consultant and Founder of Ton80 Consulting 

Joining the Growth Marketers Slack community has been a game changer for me. The community is filled with a diverse, friendly and knowledgeable group of performance marketers who are always willing to lend a hand. Any question I've asked has received quick and useful responses. If you're looking to level up your growth marketing skills, this is the place to be!

Michael Himelstein
Director of Paid Growth at BairesDev