7 Reasons an Agency Gets You More Than An In-House Team

Bamboo Team
August 26, 2022
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Who knows your brand and company culture better than you? How could an outside agency possibly do even half as good a job as an in-house team? 

Believe it or not, this question keeps agencies up at night, too. Is our client happy working with us? Are we providing enough value and expertise to succeed their goals? They’re not thinking of letting us go to take things in-house, are they?

Internal marketing decision makers are often tasked to make the choice: Should we hire externally or build out an in-house team? There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, but at the end of the day, we truly believe in hiring an outside agency. We believe it’s the easiest way to maximize your results as cost-effectively as possible. (And that’s why we built our whole company around it!) 

Here are 7 reasons an agency gets you more than an in-house team. 

1. You get access to new feature releases, better customer support, and more.

When you’re spending $400,000+ on Meta every month in comparison to the millions that other brands are spending… you’re most likely not going to get a huge amount of attention. But when you’re a part of an agency that’s spending millions on behalf of its entire client portfolio, you get to enjoy all of the privileges that come along with that, without spending an extra dollar!

2. You can get more out of your budget.

Although agencies have the reputation for being incredibly expensive and charging clients for every tiny thing, think of it this way: If your budget only allows for the hire of three crucial employees, you’re still going to have to outsource the missing pieces AND manage each partner on top of it all. A one-stop-shop, like a growth marketing agency, can provide everything plus being able to offer different tiers of service. Plus, because the agency has insights into many various accounts and best practices, they’ll be able to recommend the best strategies for paid social, paid search, and any other pieces that fit into your advertising playbook.

3. You can outsource work you don’t have time for.

Let’s be frank: Your day-to-day is already hectic, so wouldn’t it be nice to hand off some of the larger tasks to someone you can trust to do just as good of a job as you (...maybe even better)? Requests occasionally pop up that you’re forced to prioritize, but you know just as well as we do that switching gears to handle them would be detrimental to the work that’s already in progress that really matters. 

4. You can avoid your own red tape to get things done quickly & efficiently.

Agencies aren’t worried about pleasing the higher-ups in the same way in-house teams often are. All agencies want to do is execute, drive success and exceed KPIs, and provide the most impactful value to their clients. For in-house teams, the day could disappear fast between meetings and the demands of various projects, but with an agency, the only approval that’s needed is yours. 

5. You get a fresh perspective on your brand and goals.  

You love your brand and you know it front to back, but it can be easy to lose sight of new creative opportunities that an agency could spot and recommend. Every day, agencies collaborate and discover new ways of thinking and creative ideas that push the boundaries. 

6. You can utilize a full stack team made up of top talent.

Top agencies are highly discerning about who they hire because they need experienced teammates who can provide value to clients at a good rate. When you bring on a growth marketing agency, you won’t be training up newbies that are fresh out of school. You’ll work with an accomplished team who’s done this many times before.

7. You can get valuable insights from other verticals, platforms, and clients.

Whether it’s from other clients in the same (or different) verticals, industry conferences and events, agency blogs, or any other outlets, one of the biggest values agencies bring to clients is fresh ideas and expert insights. You better believe they’re always looking for new inspiration, both internally and externally. As mentioned, agencies have a wealth of knowledge and insights from other clients they work with. They’ll also apply their learnings to the work they do for you.

Keep in mind: When you do hire an agency, there will be an important onboarding period where you support getting them up to speed and collaborating to ensure the relationship is successful for all parties. Check out some best practices on how to work together and get the most out of your partnership.

Share everything: Agencies don’t know what they don’t know, so what might feel natural to you could be completely foreign to them. Pull together a library of documents and share it with them. Schedule meetings to go over specifics so they can ask questions in real-time and better understand. 

Collaborate: Agencies want your input, so don’t shy away from giving it! Share your feedback, offer any new ideas, send them inspo you or your team comes across, join brainstorming or creative workshop meetings, etc. Just because you hire externally does not mean you have to (or should) go completely hands-off; you can still collaborate!

Set expectations early on and as clearly as possible: Whether it’s a deadline, a budget constraint, or how you want the meetings to run, let the agency know what you want moving forward. Put it all down in writing and get them to commit. This way, everyone is (literally) on the same page about expectations.

Communicate: This can never be overstated! Ask your agency for weekly reports and regular updates, schedule recurring meetings as needed to go over these reports and chat through any action items. Whatever works for you, just make sure you have a strong connection with this important partner and a clear line of communication.

If you’re still feeling nervous about entrusting an outside agency with your brand and reputation, just know that you’re in control the entire way. That starts with first making sure you hire the best agency for you. Let's talk about how we can help you improve and scale your growth program!

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