Emojis: An Advertiser's Friend or Foe?

Bamboo Team
August 29, 2022
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Unless you’re part of the 8% who doesn’t, it should be no surprise to you that emojis are changing the way we communicate. Over 92% of the world’s online population uses emojis, and that includes many brands you know and love. ❤️

You’ve likely seen brands jump on the emoji bandwagon in recent years, sprinkling them into their social media strategies, brand identities, and even their acquisition programs. We’ve gained lots of experience testing emojis across various paid social channels, different placements and audiences, so here are the top three things you should keep in mind when using emojis in your own acquisition strategy.

1. Context is 🔑

We’ve seen… plenty of bad emoji usage in ads and have taken it upon ourselves to learn from those mistakes. Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself while evaluating your emoji usage:

  • Does using emojis actually make sense for your brand? Most brands these days can probably get away with using them, but in some cases, they might come across as cheesy and inauthentic.
  • Is the emoji use appropriate for the channel and content type? Emojis tend to be more acceptable on channels like Twitter versus more professional networks like LinkedIn.
  • Does the use of emojis take away from the message? If they don’t add to your message, they probably shouldn’t be there. Worse, they could potentially detract from your call to action or be misleading. 🙅
  • Are they relevant for your target audience? Keep in mind, just because your audience is millennial-dense, doesn’t necessarily mean emojis are a good idea. One client of ours actually saw a decrease in CTR by up to 53%.​

Each brand is different, but that checklist should help provide a little more guidance. Outside of answering those key questions, companies should think outside the box when using emojis! 

2. Think outside the 📦 (or text)

Many ads we see with emojis, use emojis in the text. They can be helpful in conveying emotion with limited characters, but we’ve started expanding from that idea, applying the same methodology to images and video, too!

Using emojis in image assets is a great way to say a lot with very few characters.   

3. Emojis CAN positively impact your ROAS... 👀

If you couldn’t tell already, we do love emojis. However, loving something isn’t always enough. First and foremost, we care about results and we are constantly testing different creatives to see what actually performs, including the use of emojis.

​One client of ours saw 66% higher conversion rates and up to 30% lower CPAs from people who clicked emoji ads versus non-emoji ads. 🤯

In many instances, we've found that emojis, when used thoughtfully and in the right context can have a measurable impact on conversions and costs…But why?

One study found that emojis can positively impact our moods and help us foster empathy, thus making prospects that much more invested or trusting of the advertised offering. They also convey meaning much more quickly than words, which can be ultra impactful especially in mobile, where users are scrolling faster and have shorter attention spans.

Regardless of the reasons or the results, emojis are indeed here to stay. As advertisers, we have an opportunity to leverage them to drive success, but we also have the responsibility to do so tastefully. 

We’ve helped many of our clients to do just that, and we urge companies to decide for themselves if emojis are right for them. Reach out to learn more or just explore how we can help scale your growth programs creatively and thoughtfully!

Bamboo Team

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