How Efficient Growth Experts Actually Future-Proof Their Measurement

Bailey Hopp
August 29, 2022
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Between time lags in reporting, fewer events being accurately measured, and users protecting their privacy and app permissions more than ever, iOS14 and cookie changes have thrown a wrench in measurement capabilities for many marketers and brands alike. 

User expectations around data and privacy have shifted greatly over the past couple of years. Apple released big changes to tracking in an attempt to protect user privacy. Now on the iOS App Store, users can opt-out of data tracking easier than they could before, which was less visible upon app installation and hence, not getting as much engagement. 

The death of third-party cookies is in full swing now, too. These changes aren’t just affecting Google measurement, but they’re also affecting spending increases and reallocation for marketers’ time and effort. Many marketers are having to rethink their strategies to ensure they’re still able to reach their goals in the midst of platform and tool changes. 

So with all of these changes, how can you future-proof your measurement to ensure you’re reaching the right audiences and tracking the right data?

Read these tips and tricks below from Bamboo’s Efficient Growth Marketing Managers on the front lines of paid search and paid social campaign management and optimization for our clients. 

Ariana Munroe, Growth Marketing Manager, Social 

“Get CAPI integrated on all available social channels. With changes to the privacy landscape, Facebook originally rolled out the Conversions API to make up for privacy controls that would act as blockers to the Facebook Pixel by moving conversion tracking from client side to server side so more conversions could be tracked. Facebook has reported that CAPI can boost ROI by 150% in some cases. Now that this has been available for over a year, Facebook offers tons of seamless ways to integrate CAPI through partners such as Shopify and WordPress so there's no need for dev hours. Snapchat has recently followed suit and now offers CAPI integration through Google Tag Manager as of July 2022!”

Malak Lopez, Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, Search 

“Google recommends that advertisers take 4 actions to implement a “privacy-safe growth strategy”. 1) Implement the Global Site Tag, 2) Implement Enhanced Conversions, 3) Implement Consent Mode, 4) Implement GA4. This helps increase visibility into the actual number of conversions and more importantly, it helps Google’s smart bidding algorithm model for conversions from non-consenting users. GA4 is also built on a premise of “future-proofing” analytics, so it has privacy features UA doesn’t have.”

Sinan Raja, Growth Marketing Manager, Social 

“Lean into first-party data. This will continue to be an accurate and reliable way to segment and target consumers across marketing channels.”

Christina Guo, Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, Social 

“Consider campaign consolidation across platforms to align with their best practices to hit a high enough conversion volume to exit the learning phase, ultimately driving better performance. While Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok all push for 50 conversion events per week at the ad group level, DV360 pushes for 100 conversions per week at the line item level. Especially after iOS14, this is very important for the algorithms and helps guarantee more efficient delivery with a simplified structure.”

Francis Molettieri, Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, Search  

“Combine countries in similar regions, with similar languages or with similar budgets/KPIs in UAC iOS campaigns to increase scale and growth with the 8 campaign limit per App.”

Don’t wait around or lean on the reliability of these platforms forever… Examine opportunities to test and diversify your marketing efforts, focus on gathering first-party data, and be prepared to pivot as the marketing landscape changes. To learn more about how we’re navigating success for our clients in a post-iOS14 world and scaling profitable growth programs, get in touch today. 

Bailey Hopp

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