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How We Scaled an eCommerce Client’s Profits 40% YoY

Bamboo Team
December 30, 2022
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Bamboo was approached by an eCommerce brand, new to the market, looking for a partner to scale their paid performance across search and social, supported by creative services fueled by sound testing plans. Together, we crafted a plan to test, learn, diversify and sustainably scale up their program cost efficiently, ultimately selling more products with efficient growth at their core. 

Client challenges and opportunities identified

Clunky. Squeaky. Boring. This is how one might refer to this category before our client entered it. 

This brand gave new life to a category considered “essential”, only becoming “desirable” when it broke.  

Yet, despite reinvigorating the category, bringing [quiet] sexy back to the bedroom with ease  - it still faced its category barrier around limited repeat purchase behavior.  Moreover, we needed to acknowledge the brand’s higher price point. Combine this with an increasingly fragmented media landscape, finding the right audience at the right price would be key. And we needed to do it at scale. 

In our initial audit, we uncovered five key wins which would immediately set this brand up for success across paid search and social: 

[1] restructuring campaign architecture to drive efficiency at scale

[2] delivering incremental reach with the addition of two new social players 

[3] applying strong-intent signals at the tactic level 

[4] developing tailored creative, bespoke to buyer personas

[5] using high-customer value signals to inform audience planning and overall budget strategy. 

The end goal was to ensure the client’s investment could work harder towards meeting long-term business goals, reducing wastage and driving increased scale amongst a qualified target audience. 

Bamboo’s approach

The client was on board. We assembled. For paid social, first and foremost, we needed to improve the funnel. We started with buyer persona development followed by tailoring creative for prospecting and retargeting. We needed to thoughtfully show how this eCommerce product would compliment the buyer 's lifestyle and aesthetic.  

Further, following the release of iOS14.5 and Meta's depreciation of interest audiences in Q1 2022, we needed to shift the targeting strategy away from personas in favor of a broad targeting, consolidating ad sets to improve auction liquidity as signal loss became a concern.

For paid search, we focused first on restructuring our campaigns.  We separated existing keywords to align with ad copy, setting Google’s algorithm in motion to optimize more effectively towards converting search queries. We expanded ad copy variations across all campaigns, particularly within brand campaigns. On the audience side, we built new retargeting lists to apply against existing campaigns in observation, to assess volume and need for launching separate retargeting campaigns. 

Moreover, we trialed a target impression share bidding strategy to increase visibility and defend the brand, as well as tested into target CPA vs. max conversions to identify tactics that drive strongest performance for non-brand keywords. 


Through thoughtful tests and various new strategies tested over the past 12 months, we have been able to scale this client’s revenue by 40%+ YoY. Looking closely at a channel level, we have: 

  • Maintained a very healthy 5x ROAS across Search, while significantly scaling spend
  • Diversified Meta to improve ROAS +15% at over 30% higher scale QoQ
  • Launched and scaled TikTok up ~8x YoY and improved CPA ~20x 
  • Delivered out of the box creative ideas, unlocking the sweet spot with Dynamic (CTR x CPP) 
  • Developed retention strategy for full bedroom suite, increasing freq. of purchase behavior
  • Ultimately, delivered +29% more purchases at a 10% more efficient CPP QoQ

Our biggest focus is helping scalable brands improve their growth programs and prioritize long-term, profitable growth over growth at all costs. When we partner with clients who trust us to support and grow their brands, we always work to optimize and test for performance that works towards long-term business goals, acquiring and retaining customers, and driving the highest LTV across channels. 

Is your growth program running at peak profitability as it stands right now? Before partnering with us, we’d love to chat over a free strategy call or conduct a free growth audit on your paid search and/or paid social channels. Send us a request and we’ll be happy to share how we can help you improve and scale efficiently, just like this eCommerce client. 

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