Three Free Ways to Engage Your New Customers from Q4

Linsey Knerl
January 19, 2023
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This year saw its share of ups and downs in the retail sector, and while 2022 holiday sales didn’t quite meet economists’ expectations, retailers still saw a 5.3% rise in what shoppers spent this season. This momentum may be hard to maintain given the increased spending on food, housing, and fuel, but it's still possible to turn your new customers into loyal customers in Q1 and Q2 of 2023.

How? By giving them what they want, which may not be hard-selling advertisements or promotional materials. In fact, the best approach to engaging new fans may be to try more organic methods, which is great news for the budget-savvy business (because it’s free!).

Here are some of the ways you can still reach out to customers in those first few weeks after the holiday. They can be as low or no-cost as you can make them and still do wonders for your engagement numbers. 
1) Rethink retargeting emails

You may assume that retargeting is just for dormant subscribers or those who have abandoned carts since this is what much of the marketing literature is directed at these days. You can also use it to follow up with existing and loyal customers who have purchased very recently, such as with new ideas for products that go along with what they’ve already bought.

Given that existing customers typically spend up to 67% more than new customers, it makes sense to get them back on board as soon as possible.

Examples of this would be emails promoting additional charms for a bracelet or some boot socks to go with that new pair of leather booties. Shoppers also tend to get multiples of things they love, like a comfy tee in several colors. If it’s been a few weeks since they purchased, they should already know if they enjoy the product enough to order more. Don’t let this opportunity pass without a retargeted email to help make their purchase easier.

2) Consider UGC for holiday gifts

With all those gifts bought and given, your products are now out in the wild. What are people doing with them? Are they willing to share? Consider a no-cost UGC campaign that helps consumers turn the spotlight on what makes your products amazing.

While you can incentivize extra buzz with a sweepstakes promotion, it’s not always necessary. Have customers leave reviews on TikTok or Instagram, then use a special hashtag so you can find their videos easily. By resharing their content, commenting, and thanking them for being a customer, you build loyalty and help boost their content in ways they will appreciate.

3) Create extra useful pillar content

SEO is not about keyword stuffing. In fact, Google promotes the EAT concept (expertise, authority, trust), and pillar articles can serve all three. How does this work? Your customers may have questions on how to best use your products, for example. Use this as an opportunity to create an article from a product or lifestyle expert (or even an engineer from your company) that explains the ins and outs of using the product perfectly.

Be sure to link out to other appropriate articles, use best practices for SEO, and include plenty of visual components. By serving the customer through content and being soft in any CTA sales approaches, you help build trust and SEO at the same time. (And since you own the domain most closely associated with your product, you will likely rank higher than other sites referencing your product name in competing posts.)

If you have difficulty thinking of what to include in your pillar pieces, use Google keyword tools to see what other questions customers who use the product have. The results may surprise you! 

Bottom line: Admittedly, the economy may have some people reconsidering how they spend their money every month, and it may be too early to create a hard ask for another purchase so soon after the holidays. However, a new year means new opportunities, and some industries (like the gardening industry) are expected to experience phenomenal growth; quickly changing markets means your company may be perfectly poised for a new shift in consumer buying habits.

By being accessible, helpful, and fun, however, you can leave the door open to more purchases that both you and your customers can feel good about in Q1 – and beyond!

Linsey Knerl

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