Two Quick Tests For Your Welcome Series

Cory Smith
February 3, 2023
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Testing can feel like a monumental task – along with deciding what to test, you have to identify the right audience, timing, KPI’s and more – and at the end of the day, you might not even get an actionable result. The process can be daunting. 

If you don’t know where to start, here are a couple of quick tests most anyone can implement in their lifecycle program to test for efficacy. 

The Text Only Email

While on the whole, designed emails offer a lot more flexibility in the kind of content one can include in their program, some users respond well to a text only email. I like to slot one of these into the welcome series as a quick “hello” from the CEO or Founder of a company, offering a quick call to action to their favorite item. You can run it as an A/B test with a more built out email with the same style of messaging and see what yields the best results for you, whether that’s a click, quote request, purchase, or something else entirely. Let it run until you have a result that shows an effective change, one way or another. 

The Quick Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment emails tend to work well, and for good reason – the audience is already primed to hear about the product and just need a little push over the finish line. The question that comes up the most often is: when do I send these emails? The answer: it’s complicated. 

No two brands are the same, and their strategies likely need to be different as a result. While some brands do well with an immediate follow-up, others are better off resting for a day or two. 

The Test: A quick SMS follow up

A user may abandon for a variety of reasons – maybe they got distracted, or need more information, or are searching for something else. I like to send a quick SMS follow up after the user abandons, within the hour, and I like to offer them a couple of options – maybe link to the FAQ’s page if your product is in a competitive market, or to some similar products as an alternative to linking directly back to the cart. Think about the barriers a user might have to purchasing, and follow up – soon – with something that helps them overcome that barrier. 

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