Win with Lifecycle Marketing: Quick Automation Wins During Holidays

Cory Smith
November 4, 2022
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Whether your product is particularly suited for gifting or you’re offering a discount that’s just too hard to resist, you’re bound to get a lot of shoppers during the holiday season. A lot of focus goes into making sure the one-off campaigns bring in those dollars during the holiday season. But what’s going on with your automated emails, specifically those that perform well and have high visibility? 

Perhaps the most common pieces of lifecycle automation that have high visibility are Welcome and Abandoned Cart series. While these emails will still roll out to many users (and hopefully continue to drive a lot of revenue), it’s worth considering how those emails land given the fact that you may be giving other, better offers during the holidays. Consider the following:

How many emails are you sending? 

It’s worth thinking about the frequency and importance of one-off campaigns during the holiday season in relation to the automation that users will receive. Consider abbreviating or delaying a longer welcome series during holiday so that users can get the arguably more important one-off emails as a priority during holiday. 

With cart abandonment emails, you may need to tighten up timing so that users can take advantage of the extra nudge to purchase during the timeframe of the offer you’re making – specifically over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday time period. If you’re waiting several days to send some of these messages, you may need to tighten that period in order to ensure users can take full advantage of your holiday offer. 

Is the messaging still relevant? 

At a minimum, it’s worth considering changing up your subject lines on emails during the holiday season to ensure they have that extra bit of relevance. Consider adding in shipping deadlines, extra offers, and urgency to close out holiday shopping early in order to drive users to act in time for holiday. 

The extra mile could include adding banners to those emails that include this information – rather than a full redesign, this banner can include all the relevant information for users so that it’s just a click away. This gives relevant information and can help to drive conversions during holiday. 

Who is getting these emails?

Consider filtering your automation so that users who have already purchased during the holiday period don’t continue to get nudges to complete a task that’s already been completed. While this is a good rule all year, it’s especially important during holidays when users are already bombarded with a lot of extra communication. 

Taking a holistic look at the holiday season is important, and automation is an important factor. These emails can help drive a large magnitude of revenue for your brand, and understanding how they fit in the puzzle when you might be increasing email frequency will ensure users have the best experience and drive key revenue for your brand.

Cory Smith

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