Data Science Services

Bamboo’s data science services gives clients clarity into the causal impact of their advertising and how that impact translates into financial outcomes.

The Bamboo Difference

We're offering the data science services we wanted when we were Clients.
Get to know your immediate and long term goals
In-depth look at your ad accounts
Deep dive into your business and paid media impact
Deliver a strategy that is agile and focused
Allocate budget across priority channels and tactics
Develop creative assets fit for their unique platforms
End-to-end campaign management and reporting
Continuous testing and proactive optimizations
Reporting beyond ad accounts
A team with cross-channel incrementality at their core
Mixed Media Modeling analysis
Analyze your paid program's impact on business growth

What We Deliver

Bamboo clients benefit from our reporting beyond ad accounts.

Growth Insights From Bamboo

‘I Heart Cohorts’ is Your Free Cohort and Lifetime Value Analysis Tool

At Bamboo, our clients face an annoying challenge when it comes to cohort and lifetime value analysis - the sheer volume of data. That's why we built I Heart Cohorts, a free tool that unlocks cohorts and lifetime value insights in just a few clicks.

Avoid These Costly Mistakes When In-housing Paid Media

Unfortunately, the majority of in-housing transitions do not go according to plan. In this post, we’ll outline the most common mistakes made when in-housing paid media so you can avoid them.

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