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Driving Efficient Growth via LinkedIn Ads

Bamboo and Webflow teamed up to reinvigorate an inactive LinkedIn Ads account to scale up acquisition of enterprise leads.
Increase in Lead Volume

10X increase in lead volume through testing and leveraging unique ad formats.

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Decrease in CPA

6.5X increase in Cost per Lead Efficiency (-85% CPA).

Scaling Media Spend 109% to Drive Efficient Growth

Furkin is a new player in an incredibly competitive market. The primary objective was to scale enrollment volume while maintaining key efficiency goals.
Increase Enrollments

136% increase in enrollments quarter over quarter.

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Increase Efficiency

Quarter over quarter, Cost per Enrollment was 11% more efficient.

Decreasing User Acquisition Costs With UGC

Our team hypothesized that diversifying our creative output with Bamboo’s user-generated content (UGC) offering, would build more brand trust with Providers users.
Decreased Cost Per User

68% decrease in cost per app registration through testing UGC.

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Increased Ad Engagement

15% increase in ad engagement CTR with UGC.

Driving Efficient Growth with Meta Product Tags

When we heard about a new shopping tool from Meta built for ecommerce businesses: Product Tags -- we were eager to test their impact on conversion growth for Highlights.
Increase Conversion Rates

65% lift in conversion rate through the product tag ad set.

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Lessen The Friction

With Shoppable Product Tags on Meta, we hypothesized lessening the friction through the purchase journey.

Driving Efficiency & Lowering CACs Through YouTube Campaigns

We set out to expand media efforts into higher funnel channels with the goal of spreading brand awareness and cutting CACs.
Increase in Enrollments

170% lift in enrollment volume in the first 2 months

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Capture High-Value Customers

With the goal of spreading brand awareness and cutting customer acquisition costs.

Winning with Google App Campaigns

Our work with Digit, an all-in-one subscription-based money app that budgets, saves, and invests for you.
Increased Ad Spend Growth

Scaling fast and seeing success with Google Apps

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Increased Conversion Rates

The first 3 months we saw huge increase in conversion rates.

Implementing a New Strategy for Efficient Growth During COVID-19

COVID-19 changed human behaviour. It's as simple as that. People opting for outdoors instead of indoors, shopping at home instead of in-person – all while finding new ways to connect.
Attracting customers

Improvement in average monthly new user Lifetime Value

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Increase Conversions

Improvement in overall in-app conversion rate year-over-year

Establishing The Right KPIs to Drive Efficient Growth

We began working with a direct-to-consumer cookware brand with the goal of helping them effectively scale and acquire high-value users.
First-Purchase Increase

Increase in first-purchase AOV one quarter after partnership kick-off

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Improved ROAS

Huge improvement in overall ROAS

Shifting away from universal CAC Targets

Our client, a localized savings app, came to us wanting to scale their growth program.
90% Revenue Increase

Average increase in Week One cohort Revenue Q/Q

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KPI Events Increase

Increase in major KPI events while reducing spend 21% Q/Q

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