How Rewind Used Paid Media to Amplify Rapid Organic Growth

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"Bamboo is very much a 'yes, and' team. I just appreciate that it was really fun to work with them.”

Alyssa Atkins
Head of Marketing

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The Challenge

Rewind came to Bamboo as a fast-growing start-up with an ambitious mission

As a scaling brand with healthy organic growth, Rewind partnered with Bamboo to test paid media as a tool for identifying adjacent audiences and value propositions beyond their core organic growth.

Due to Rewind’s web-centric initial product launch, Bamboo prioritized desktop-only campaigns.


The teams executed a testing strategy across a mix of social and search platforms to quickly find pockets of efficiency

Bamboo & Rewind executed a testing strategy across Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and Reddit to quickly identify what worked and what didn’t. The teams tested tactics, placements, copy, and creatives to ensure messaging resonated with targeted audiences. 

Every channel & tactic served a purpose. Efficiency was found in Google’s Performance Max campaign, enabling it to become the top-performing ad type. Bamboo leaned on this campaign type to drive efficiency while continuing to test creative & messaging through other channels. Google Search’s copy and keyword performance led Bamboo to hone in on top use cases and helped identify additional audience segments. Meta was the main lever used for creative testing of value props, imagery, and asset types, which allowed the teams to uncover that user reviews drive strong performance.

The Results

Rewind was able to identify winning value props, messaging, and audience segments

Rewind and Bamboo identified Google as a profitable customer acquisition channel. They leaned in to find new audiences and value propositions to grow download volume while decreasing paid customer acquisition costs meaningfully over the first few months. Within the 90-day test period, Bamboo and Rewind were able to:

  • Drive profitable customer acquisition from Google Ads
  • Scale signups from Google by 43% MoM while simultaneously improving paid customer acquisition cost
  • Identify winning value props, messaging, and audience segments

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