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How Highlights saw a 65% lift in CVR with Bamboo

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Lift in purchase volume
Increase in conversion rate

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"We have been able to confidently test new strategies, optimizations and social channels with Bamboo, utilizing data and performance to uncover successes and pivot from learnings. The partnership has been like an extension of our own team and we're all moving toward the same goal: do great things."

Ted Scheid
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Highlights

Highlights' goal is to inspire children to "be their best selves" using creativity and imagination to grow reading, thinking and reasoning skills. Known for their long-running magazines, Highlights also offers creative clubs, activity books, craft kits, and a line of shirts and back-to-school items with their signature style. Bamboo and Highlights teamed up to test new ways to lift conversion rate on Meta.

The Challenge

Looking to boost customer growth via paid channels, Meta's Product Tags were explored

Within Bamboo's long-term partnership with Highlights, the team is always looking for new ways to drive new customer and purchase growth via paid channels. When they heard about a new shopping tool from Meta built for e-commerce businesses: Product Tags -- they were eager to test the impact on conversion growth for Highlights. 


Bamboo, with Meta's team, ran A/B tests comparing product tag impacts, gaining insights for future testing

Bamboo simultaneously ran product tag and non-product tag split tests through the Meta A/B testing tool to compare insights. This allowed them to better understand performance and the next steps if a similar test were to be run again. 

*Bamboo ran this test in partnership with the Meta marketing science team to ensure a statistically significant result.

What are Product Tags?

Product Tags allow shoppers to seamlessly shop Highlights’ products right on their Facebook feed, moving easily from discovery to final purchase without having to leave the platform. Some of the key benefits of ads with Meta product tags are driving traffic, post engagement, and maximizing the reach of a brand’s shoppable products right on the platform. Shopping ads with product tags can also help businesses grow their pool of shopping Custom Audiences who can be re-engaged with through retargeting ads later on.

The Results

Shoppable Product Tags increased conversion rates by lessening the friction through the purchase journey

The product tag ad set drove the following results for Highlights:

  • Increase in purchase conversions by 38% 
  • Drove a conversion rate that was 65% more efficient than the non-product tag ad set

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