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How Headspace Scaled Paid Media 9X with Bamboo

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Headspace's mission is to provide every person access to lifelong mental health support. Through the Headspace app, they provide mindfulness tools including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement and focus exercises.

The Challenge

Discovering ways to stand out amongst the competition was crucial

In the early days of Headspace, they hired Bamboo to support their very ambitious growth objectives. As a subscription app, Headspace focused on growing app installers, free trialists, and monthly subscribers. At the time of launch, they faced a lot of competition. Discovering ways to stand out amongst the competition and get in front of new users was crucial for their success.


The teams’ rigorous testing process uncovered many wins over time

The Bamboo team deployed various campaign tests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They tested countries, operating systems (iOS/Android), platforms, genders, ages, keywords, and creatives to determine where the paid social budget should be allocated.

The teams’ rigorous testing process uncovered many wins over time. One split test between iOS and Android showed cost per install was 29% less on iOS. The team also tested messaging around encouraging app installs vs. app trials; Facebook campaigns optimized for install proved more efficient than bidding for trials.

Bamboo segmented audiences across Facebook and Instagram to create Custom Lists, Lookalike Audiences, Broad Interest/Behaviors, and Keyword Audiences. Custom Lists and Lookalike Audiences were consistently the top performers. The team tested multiple static images and vertical video formats. On Facebook, video formats performed 14% better than images. While on Instagram, images performed 16% better than video.

The Results

Headspace was able to scale efficiently

Through leveraging the Bamboo team’s paid social and creative testing strategy, Headspace was able to scale efficiently, drive increased app installs, and improve their app store ranking. Headspace achieved: 

  • 1.2m+ new app installs 
  • 900,000+ new trialists 
  • 9x increase in paid media investment

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