Implementing a New Strategy for Efficient Growth During COVID-19

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Erica Taylor
August 11, 2022
5 mins
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COVID-19 changed human behavior. It's as simple as that. People opting for outdoors instead of indoors, shopping at home instead of in-person – all while finding new ways to connect. Throughout the dynamic year, we learned how to adjust our campaign strategy to position our client, an outdoor recreation app, as the go-to product to stay healthy, mentally and physically.

Improvement monthly users
App conversion rate
Channel Investment


Harness the momentum of interest within our client's vertical by attracting loyal, long-term customers in an increasingly competitive space while improving user LTV.


We aimed to attract users likely to explore new health alternatives during a global pandemic using a localized and seasonal approach. This was supported by a multifaceted campaign strategy:

  • Restructured geo targeting tiers across paid social and realigned on KPIs per tier.
  • Accelerated investment ahead of highly seasonal milestones.
  • Leveraged tCPA App Campaigns.

We optimized toward a mid-funnel event that preceded the main KPI in the user funnel. This gave us confidence that the algorithm would receive ample conversion volume to learn quickly. We also monitored user cohorts to understand and react to changes in user behavior after the initial acquisition.


By adopting our growth strategy, AllTrails was able to take advantage of the growing demand in their industry and position themselves as the market leader in outdoor trail navigation apps. Our strategy allowed a new and diverse set of users to discover a healthy way to recreate during a global pandemic. Our approach allowed us to:

  • Rapidly expand total market coverage with the launch of new Google App campaigns (6x YoY increase in investment).
  • Sustain positive monthly YoY growth with in-app conversion rates improving by 40% & average monthly LTV improving by 52% YoY.
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