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How UnitedRV Improved First Month Profitability

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Increase in purchases
Increase in top-line revenue growth

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“Communication with the team is excellent, they are efficient, knowledgeable, and really friendly! Bamboo has set a foundation for our future growth and we can see a clear path to our goals. We benefit from working with resources that are focused and very engaged in our account."

Jason Carrigan
Head of Digital

United RV’s online store offers a wide range of RV parts and accessories, all designed to enhance and maintain your RV experience​. 

The Challenge

United RV needed a partner to manage the complexities of rapid expansion

After experiencing strong year-over-year growth, United RV needed a partner that could handle the complexity that comes with a quickly scaling business. They partnered with Bamboo to improve measurement infrastructure, grow revenue, and acquire more customers.


Bamboo analyzed channel performance and set up frameworks to enhance advertising reliability and identify scalable investment opportunities

Bamboo kicked off the partnership with a thoughtful and thorough onboarding process. The team analyzed the state of Google, Bing, and Meta and focused initial efforts on growing revenue by improving first-month profitability.

In parallel, the team set up new campaign and data frameworks so United RV could understand where their advertising was delivering results. Both efforts resulted in more reliable advertising and a clear understanding of where they had opportunities to immediately scale investment while maintaining profit margins.

Seeing that first-month profitability was significantly higher than customer acquisition costs, the Bamboo team saw room to increase investment profitably across channels. This was approached by:

  1. Focusing on net new customers to drive an increase in new order growth on Shopify
  2. Improving ad account hygiene by aligning optimization events with customer journeys
  3. Increasing investment in top-performing products to grow average order value
  4. Giving Google the lion's share of the paid media budget

These strategies resulted in improved first-month profitability as month-over-month as investment scaled to kick off United RV’s peak season. 

The Results

United RV experienced top-line revenue growth and improved first-month profitability while increasing investment efficiently

United RV and Bamboo worked together efficiently to manage performance and optimize for profitability and scale. Within the first month of partnering with Bamboo, United RV was able to:

  • Increase purchases by 61% 
  • Increase top-line revenue growth 41% M/M 

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