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How Trupanion decreased CPA 93% testing YouTube with Bamboo

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Improvement in cost per quote
Decrease in cost per enrollment
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"Bamboo has been a trusted partner over the last couple of years showcasing strong experience in running paid search and paid social campaigns for us. The team has been very agile in experimenting with new testing opportunities for the brand."

Kartik Nallappa
Senior Manager Paid Media Marketing at Trupanion

Trupanion, a premium pet insurance brand providing medical insurance for cats and dogs in North America and Australia, emphasizes simple, fair, and comprehensive pet insurance coverage. They aim to eliminate financial concerns for pet owners when their pets are in need of medical care.

The Challenge

Trupanion wanted to enhance brand visibility & pet care education while boosting insurance quote requests

In collaboration with Bamboo, Trupanion aimed to increase brand exposure, pet care education for the general public, and down funnel conversions, such as requesting a quote on pet insurance rates and new member enrollment. Bamboo set out to expand media efforts into higher funnel channels with the goal of increasing brand awareness and cutting customer acquisition costs.


Bamboo launched full-funnel campaigns on YouTube, including In-Feed Discovery, Consideration, and Video Action

The Bamboo team formed a full funnel strategy utilizing multiple campaign tactics across YouTube. The team proposed including In-Feed Discovery Video, Consideration, and Video Actions in order to conquer shared goals of increasing overall enrollments. Budget was allocated between the following initiatives to ensure the test was set up for success. 

YouTube In-Feed Discovery Video campaigns were established to increase brand awareness and views for Trupanion’s Pup Talk Series. The goal was to establish Trupanion as a thought leader within the industry and gain higher reach and engagement value from less expensive ad placements, pushing users into the various retargeting audiences and funnels currently in place.

Consideration campaigns were set up on YouTube to test and garner new interest in prospective customers by introducing the Trupanion brand for further research into the product. Bamboo also wanted to interject the Trupanion brand into the video pet space to sway potential customers away from competitors with value props such as a free quote, and survey users and viewers on brand recall and their preference to pick Trupanion over other competitors.

Lastly, the team tested YouTube Video Action campaigns to capture high-value customers ready to make enrollment or quote in the pet medical insurance space. Bamboo utilized this campaign type to feature an advertisement with high-quality visuals, information, and brand value to convert on YouTube or various Trupanion ads.

The Results

In just the first 2 months, cost per enrollment decreased 93%

The Bamboo team ran YouTube Discovery, Consideration, and Action campaigns in direct competition to see if optimizing for the higher funnel conversion of quotes or the lower funnel conversion of enrollments was the most effective. Through campaign learning and optimization, Trupanion was able to: 

  • Improve cost per pet insurance quote 75%
  • Decrease cost per enrollment 93%
  • Increase enrollment volume 170%

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