Driving Efficiency & Lowering CACs Through YouTube Campaigns

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Francis Molettieri
August 22, 2022
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Our client, a premium pet insurance brand, was focused on increasing brand exposure, pet care education for the general public, and down funnel conversions, such as requesting a quote on pet insurance rates and new member enrollments. To achieve this, we set out to expand media efforts into higher funnel channels with the goal of increasing brand awareness and cutting customer acquisition costs.

Key Results over the 6-month testing period:

Improvement in Cost per Quote
Improvement in Cost per Enrollment (Key KPI)
Lift in enrollment volume in the first 2 months


The Bamboo team formed a full funnel strategy utilizing multiple campaign tactics across YouTube. We proposed including In-Feed Discovery Video, Consideration, and Video Actions in order to conquer shared goals of increasing overall enrollments. Budget was allocated between the following initiatives to ensure the test was set up for success.



  1. Youtube In-Feed Discovery Video Campaign 

KPI:  Video views

  1. Increase awareness and views for Trupanion’s Pup Talk Series to establish themselves as a thought leader within the industry. 
  2. Gain higher reach and engagement value from less expensive ad placements to push users into the various retargeting audiences and funnels currently in place.


  1. Youtube Consideration Campaign 
  1. KPI: Cost-per-quote
  2. Garner new interest in prospective customers by introducing the Trupanion brand for further research into the product.
  3. Interject the Trupanion brand into the video pet space to sway potential customers away from competitors with value props, a free quote and eye-catching advertisements.
  4. Survey users and viewers on brand recall for Trupanion and their preference to pick Trupanion over other competitors


  1. Youtube Video Action Campaign 
  1. KPI: Cost-per-enrollment 
  2. Capture high-value customers ready to make enrollment or quote in the pet medical insurance space.
  3. Feature an advertisement with high-quality visuals, information, and brand value to convert on YouTube or various Trupanion ads.
  4. preference to pick Trupanion over other competitors

  1. Google Ads Enhanced Conversions 
  1. Goal: Improve the accuracy of conversion measurements and unlock more powerful bidding


Our YouTube testing began in December 2021 with Discovery as the main focus for the Pup Talk educational video series produced by Trupanion. In January 2022, Consideration and Action campaigns were launched in tandem and in direct competition to see if optimizing for the higher funnel conversion of quotes or the lower funnel conversion of enrollments was the most effective. 

The winner turned out to be Video Action by a significant margin. Although both campaigns (Consideration & Action) spent the same amount, Action campaigns converted 16x more enrollments than the Consideration campaign. Moving forward Video Action campaigns were prioritized, and Consideration was paused while Discovery remained as an awareness and educational effort.

Trupanion provides medical insurance for cats and dogs in North America and Australia. It was founded in 1999 by Darryl Rawlings and now insures over 750,000 pets. The Trupanion stable of products also includes PHI Direct and Furkin, which Bamboo also runs media and growth strategy for.

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