Winning with Google App Campaigns

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Erica Taylor
August 11, 2022
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Bamboo won the Premier Partner Award for ‘App Excellence” by utilizing best practices across Google’s suite of ad products for our work with Digit, an all-in-one subscription-based money app that budgets, saves, and invests for you. After achieving success on paid social channels, our goal was to continue to scale and expand, while continuing to meet performance targets. Expanding into Google App Campaigns was the next logical step. So how do you build learnings quickly to win and scale a new channel? Stick with what works.

Main 3 results from our Google App campaign tests:

Average ad spend growth
Conversion improvement
Growth in key conversions


Meet tight performance goals while scaling a new client. Our client was already spending at scale across varying channels such as Facebook. As the client’s new agency, it was up to us to prove out a new growth channel to reach new users at a similar or better cost than existing acquisition sources were providing.


Start with best practices of each unique channel. Google App Campaigns can be fickle, so its best to let the algorithm build enough learnings at each stage in the event funnel, so it can work for you vs against you! This tried and true method requires patience, communication, and understanding, but the payoff is well worth avoiding any shortcuts.  

  • We launched the client with a Max Installs campaign- a new app with no history needs a starting point.
  • By the second month, our client was seeing enough conversions to move to a Target Cost per Action (tCPA) campaign driving up the conversion rate close to goal.
  • The next several months were focused on creative testing culminating in taking advantage of a video-only campaign.


We utilized Google App Campaigns to drive significant growth for our client at highly competitive costs:

  • By working with the algorithm, we were able to increase scale by 83% m/m.
  • We tested creative and messaging which resulted in a 386% improvement in conversion rate between month one and three.
  • Understanding and sticking to best practices allowed us to grow our key conversion event volume 60x between month one and ten.
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