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How HotelTonight improved ROAS with Bamboo

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“Bamboo has made our lives easier - whether it’s strategic discussions or tactical implementation, Bamboo has been a key factor in allowing HotelTonight to scale its presence on these channels.”

Brian Han
Director of User Acquisition at HotelTonight

HotelTonight is a mobile app for booking last-minute hotel deals, offering discounted rates for rooms booked on the same day or up to a week in advance. Acquired by Airbnb in 2019, it caters to spontaneous travelers and features a range of hotel options with an easy-to-use interface. Looking for a way to extend their commitment to boldness to their advertising strategy, HotelTonight chose Bamboo to be their growth partner.

The Challenge

After experiencing organic success on Facebook & Instagram, HotelTonight desired to integrate paid campaigns

Having seen organic success on Facebook and Instagram, HotelTonight wanted to introduce paid campaigns to the media mix. Bamboo needed to build a personalized strategy to explore the new medium in a way that would reach the right audience, consisted of new creative outlets to express HotelTonight's unique style, and most importantly, had strong performance gains compared to other channels.


"The Bamboo team continually pushed the envelope on creative. We worked together to put out an incredible volume of creative."

Bamboo used the transfer of knowledge from organic to paid audiences to save HotelTonight weeks of test budgets and campaigns in order to find the right targeting fit. Performance started off strong by staying consistent with HotelTonight's brand voice as paid campaigns were launched.

HotelTonight enlisted the helped of Bamboo's creative services to rapidly design and test new concepts, allowing them to study and understand user behavior as fast as they possibly could.

The Results

With Bamboo's help, HotelTonight sees higher ROAS and click-through-rates on Instagram

With the transfer of audience knowledge from organic to paid and the creative success that was found, HotelTonight quickly achieved click-through-rates that were meaningfully higher than any other channel they were running and click-to-install rates that nearly doubled from their Instagram Ads.

The collective impact of numerous successful initiatives led to a significant improvement in HotelTonight's Instagram advertising performance. When measured against other new acquisition channels in the same period, Instagram campaigns yielded notably better outcomes, including:

  • Improve ROAS 31% 
  • Decrease cost per install 17% 
  • Decrease in cost per purchase 16%

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