Being a Panda has
its perks.

Our team (who we affectionately call Pandas) has scaled over 100 of the best brands in mobile apps and digital commerce. We've also helped many Pandas build the skills, confidence, and credentials they need to run top-tier growth marketing programs.

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Our values guide our growth and success.

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The Work

We are passionate about the clients we work for, the companies we help build, and the people we are helping grow.

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We believe the best relationships are build by being candid with one another. We share things openly and expect the same from others in return.

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Roll With It

We are adaptable and pragmatic. We also have fun and enjoy the ride.

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Own It

We foster individual autonomy and freedom within our team and trust one another to take ownership over our own work.

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No Ego

We stay curious and challenge our assumptions.

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Our work is so much more fun and fulfilling when we get to tackle it with people that we're building genuine, long-term relationships with.

Pandas in the Wild!

Our diverse team of pandas can be found across the world! We operate in a fully-remote environment while still being able to prioritize relationship-building and connectivity with our team.

Life as a Panda

Our Mission is to help companies build better growth programs. The best way to do that is by hiring, teaching, and supporting our team as they become the best growth marketers.

Leadership at Bamboo

Leaders at Bamboo bring a diverse range of experiences, skills and perspectives. They serve as mentors, industry experts, and above all, amplify our individual voices.


Growth Marketing

Holding both an MS and an MBA, Aditi has over 10 years of growth leadership experience including media strategy in QSR, travel, entertainment, retail and tech. She believes that a strong and inclusive team culture are what make a successful agency. Outside of Bamboo you can find her volunteering her time at a dog shelter.


Sr. Director,
Growth Marketing

Christina previously led B2C and B2B cross-functional teams in retail, travel, and telecom before finding a fit at Bamboo where she's passionate about her "panda" teammate's growth and solving our client's unique business challenges. When not at work, Christina is likely working on a DIY project or exploring Seattle with her husband and daughter.



Over her 7 year tenure as a growth marketing leader at Bamboo, Jess has built and led teams focused on paid media, mobile analytics and sales. Jess is passionate about foundational growth and setting programs & pandas up for long term success. At home, she enjoys spending time outdoors in the PNW with her two boys and husband.



Daniel is CEO and Co-Founder at Bamboo. Prior to founding Bamboo, he worked in various in-house growth roles focused on paid media, CRM, and product. He is passionate about the long-term growth of the team, our clients, and Bamboo. "Growth hacking" is his least favorite term.

Let's grow together.

Our industry often lacks diverse perspectives. We would love to hear from you and figure out how you can add to the culture at Bamboo.

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