How Turo decreased Host CPA 73% with Bamboo

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Decrease in Host CPA
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Turo is the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace. Skip the car rental counter and rent anything from daily drivers to pickup trucks, from trusted, local hosts.

The Challenge

Turo was in the early adopter phase when they came to Bamboo to kick off their first paid social efforts

They aimed to increase sign-ups from owners wanting to rent their cars out and renters looking to borrow cars. As a newcomer in a competitive landscape, there was a challenge positioning Turo as the app to turn to for car rentals, as opposed to traditional rental companies that Turo’s audience had historically used.


The Bamboo team executed tests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

To measure the effectiveness of mobile app campaigns, they also needed to test operating systems (iOS/Android) to determine where paid social investment should be allocated. 

Bamboo built multiple mobile app install ad variations to test which creative assets and formats worked best; carousel, static image (with and without copy overlay), or video format. The team tested these formats simultaneously with audience targeting including car owners with a single or multi-car household, home-sharers, online car marketplaces, and a lookalike audience built from users who have already listed their cars on Turo. 

On Instagram, the team discovered quickly that static image ads outperformed carousel and video format ads, while on Facebook’s Mobile News Feed, carousel ad format outperformed static and video formats in terms of driving owners to complete listing their vehicle on Turo’s app.

The Results

Turo successfully decreased user acquisition costs

Through creative testing and audience analysis for both renters and owners, Turo successfully decreased user acquisition costs while increasing their paid social investment significantly. Turo achieved: 

  • 73% decrease in Host CPA 
  • 300% increase in paid media investment  

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