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How Great Jones improved first purchaser AOV with Bamboo

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Great Jones is a woman-run, New York-based cookware brand that wants to empower customers to cook at home. Bamboo and Great Jones began working together with the goal of helping the brand effectively scale and acquire high-value users.

The Challenge

Great Jones needed to shift KPI focus to retain customers longer

Prior to collaboration with Bamboo, Great Jones aimed to acquire as many users as possible under a strict customer acquisition cost, resulting in customers who were less invested in the brand and had low retention. With this outlook, first-time purchaser CPA was critical and ultimately limited the ability to scale.

Great Jones needed an efficient growth strategy that would move them away from short-term ROAS goals and toward loyal customers who were likely to drive additional long-term revenue.


Refining strategies to target higher-value products & shift focus towards customer LTV

Bamboo first shifted focus on launching campaigns that attracted potential customers exclusively to product SKUs that did one of two things; yielded additional revenue on first purchases or had high repeat purchase rates.

Next, Bamboo's growth team utilized its analytics capabilities to help interpret user data that signaled better long-term outcomes. Bamboo shifted the primary KPI to user-LTV and focused on acquiring users who were more invested in the brand and making first-time purchases of higher-priced products that were much more valuable.

The Results

Bamboo helps Great Jones improve ROAS 109% and increase monthly revenue of new cohorts

By shifting the acquisition investments from single products to high-value SKUs’, Great Jones & Bamboo were able to increase the overall return on ad spend by 109%.

Bamboo built trust with Great Jones to scale their growth program well over the cap that a low cost-per-acquisition target was previously limiting them to.

As part of the long-term framework, they were able to achieve an increase in the monthly revenue of newly acquired cohorts.

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