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How Shopkick Drove 100,000+ Retail Shoppers with Bamboo

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Increase in daily ad acquired app installers
Decrease in cost-per-install
Shoppers driven to Shopkick retail partners

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Shopkick is the app that rewards you for the shopping you already do, no matter how you do it. More than ten million shoppers use Shopkick to get rewards when they visit retail stores.

The Challenge

Scale quickly and cost-effectively to complement organic growth

Shopkick partnered with Bamboo to learn if mobile app campaigns could successfully convert quality shoppers at scale after seeing early success with organic adoption. They aimed to drive mobile app installs from customers who visit Shopkick retailer stores, identify a call-to-action that drives the highest in-store visitor rates, and scale quickly and cost-effectively to complement organic growth.


Bamboo chose to test app install campaigns

Intending to acquire the highest-value app users, Bamboo chose to test app install campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. 

The Bamboo team utilized Facebook Audience Insights, Twitter Campaign Insights, and additional demographic analysis tools to improve targeting accuracy. They leveraged Lookalike audiences modeled from Shopkick’s loyal app users and segmented by location, age, demographic, and interests for added granularity, testing hundreds of audience variations and optimizing toward the top-performing, 

To learn which call-to-action resonated best, Bamboo tested various messaging combinations including image overlay, headlines, and buttons to identify which CTA drove in-store visitors, not just a low cost-per-install.

To achieve scale while still improving cost per acquisition, the Bamboo team expanded on initial top-performing audiences. They executed an affinity analysis, segmented larger audiences to narrow in on key customers, and layered every bid type, targeting type, and ad type on both Twitter and Facebook to find out which combinations resulted in both healthy volume and strong CPAs.

The Results

The teams validated Facebook and Twitter as viable channels

Shopkick & Bamboo validated Facebook and Twitter as viable channels to scale mobile acquisition channels efficiently. The teams: 

  • Scaled advertising acquired app installers per day by 500%
  • Decreased cost-per-install by 14%
  • Drove 100,000+ shoppers to Shopkick retail partners 

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